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About Ben Clevers

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" It is important to have thorough knowledge of the products you work with "

I was born in Nijmegen, the Netherlands ( 1958 ), and attended Horticultural School and Horticultural College, the School for the Art of Flower Arrangement and the School for Master Designer, where I specialised in the trade of Flower arrangements. Besides, I attended courses in Wickerwork, Pottery and Glass Blowing. Futhermore, I took courses in Window-dressing, Interior Decorations and vegetables and fruit presentations. The period as owner of a flowershop in Bergen op Zoom has been the base for my International Flower Designer and Decoratorship.

" Pushing the limits of the well-known "

Where products are concerne I have a slight preference for exotic flowers and plants. When it comes to colours, green is the favourite by far. I have a strong preference for innovation. I am a curious floral designer and not bound by any particular style. I want to get to know the styles and to be able to pass them on to other people. I pick up new trends easily. Any style and all products can be used to create something that is beautiful, payable and sellable.

" Know your clients "

Succes mainly depends on how well the florist knows his clients. That is why in my workshop and in my advice an insight in the client's wishes takes up a central position. If you can reach that, you can match the client's prefereces with what you have to offer. Then you can also see where there is room for innovation, and what you can do with certain styles an new trends. Thus practically each product can be sold well. What you try to do is to convey this way of looking at the products. Ten per cent of the clients are creative. They themselves determine what the flowers and plants in their house and garden look like. The other ninety per cent need to be inspired by the florist. If you are open to styles, trends and innovation, the market lies before you.

At this moment I regularly do workshops and presentations in practically all European countries, America and in Asia. Besides, I do products presentations for garden centres. Finally, in cooperation with a number of companies I arrange flower decorations with an international substance.